Hotel Gotham Manchester



So, things have been absolutely crazy recently, with the introduction of new clients, suppliers and ideas! So it was amazing to take a weekend off and head over to Hotel Gotham, King Street Manchester. 

Here’s a bit of information about our stay, the service and what you can expect from Hotel Gotham!

We hopped off the train to a windy, wet Manchester and as we practically power-ran to the hotel and quickly disappeared inside the chic, gold plated entrance we didn’t get a picture of the front of the hotel! (Sorry haha) So here is one we pinched from the lovely people at the hotel.

Hotel Gotham Manchester

As you walk through the doors at Hotel Gotham, you are automatically transported out of Manchester to a stunning Art Deco clad Gotham city (A La Batman 1989)! We were met by obliging door staff who kindly directed us to the reception on the 6th Floor.

The reception is in keeping with the Gotham theme, with quirky attention to detail, even more GOLD and delicious cocktails on arrival! Essentially, our perfect hotel!

We were lucky enough to stay in one of the hotels 5 Inner Sanctum Suites at the hotel and it was like the hotel was made for us! Dark, luxurious and just really, really cool! We think pictures do the talking so here’s a few snaps we grabbed from our suite at Hotel Gotham.


At Gotham, everything was completely flawless, from stepping in to the building from the windy streets, to walking up and down the corridors, nothing was out of place! The decor was completely flawless.


Here is the entrance to our Suite “The Lamar” (Room 113). The way the suite had its own dark wood paneling, lower lighting and sound proofing just adds that extra special touch, even from the outside of the room!


Here is our stunning room, mainly the bed haha (it was huge!).  One of the coolest features about this hotel was that everything was for sale. Literally from the speakers, to the throw on the bed! We were so tempted to take everything from the room in one of the handy “swag bags” provided kindly by Hotel Gotham, just incase you are tempted.


Here’s a shot that pretty much embodies the theme of the room. Like we mentioned, everything is on point here! And who doesn’t appreciate leather paneling on the walls? A bonus that comes with the leather decor, the smell was INCREDIBLE.


A great feature of the room was the giant projector screen in the lounge area, picturing the moonlit, snowy streets of Gotham, instead of a window… because lets face it, who needs a window in a sound proofed, luxury, leather clad lair? You press a button on the wall and the projector screen retracts, presenting a huge flatscreen TV in it’s place.

IMG_2168 IMG_2169

Our bathroom was equally as luxurious with an extremely powerful large, overhead shower and gorgeous, again flawless design.


Another really nice touch were the toiletries from The White Company. The fragrance was “NOIR” which consists of Amber, Mandarin and Sandalwood. We’ve literally been searching the internet for these since our stay! Such a beautiful scent.

IMG_2160 IMG_2162

Just a few more cool pictures from the hotel! These guys really know what they are doing.. and everything was completely “on brand”. They also provided us with some great in room reading material!


Another service we sampled at the hotel was the in room Martini service! Again, we didn’t get any pictures of this as the “cocktail butler” was so engaging that it would have been slightly rude to stick a camera in his face! Whilst preparing some beautiful Gin martinis using Sipsmith gin, Vermouth & a twist! (There was also the option to choose a vodka martini – also Sipsmith! and the option to switch the twist out for a classic olive) The butler spoke with us about everything from his favourite local haunts to the history of the hotel and his favourite features! It was so interesting to speak with him and his passion for the hotel and his job in general  was evident throughout.

After sipping our Martinis we moved on to our next mission!.. and then ended the day with the most amazing sleep, probably ever!

We’d like to send a huge thank you to Hotel Gotham for having us! And we can’t wait to stay again soon & to start sending clients to experience multiple weekends of Gotham based indulgence. For more information please contact your account manager!