W Hotel Washington DC



We recently went to the US and felt it was the perfect time to meet some amazing colleagues of ours at W Washington, here’s how we got on and a look at their fantastic property!

The first stop on our America trip was Washington DC. Washington is such a brilliant place, it’s a perfect mix of traditional and modern and we had so much fun there. W Washington is positioned directly next to the White House which means that it’s a perfect area to see the sights!

The W’s exterior is not what you would expect from a W hotel at all, it’s the original building that was once the “Hotel Washington” which opened in 1918. When I initially saw it, I must admit that I was slightly skeptical… how would the modern brand that is W function in such an old building?


Well, it really does! The insiders at W Washington told me they actually kept a lot of features from the Hotel Washington and used them as an asset at the W. I must say, W Washington is probably my favourite W so far. It has an underlying old regal feel and yet it’s completely up to date and has every modern feature that you need in a hotel.

photo 2This is the lobby, as you can see there are a lot of original features but the modern touches really bring the hotel up to date. The reception was a perfect hub of activity with people having meetings, catching up for a general chat or just hotel guests relaxing with a book.

So, on we go with the tour!


Due to the W being based in the old Hotel Washington, they are unable to resize the rooms and why would they want to? They’ve truly made the most of the rooms filling their base level room with two double beds, using W trademark purples and airy lilacs to give the room a homely but not overcrowded feel.



The base level rooms also feature a comfy arm chair for relaxing.

IMG_0110 IMG_0112 IMG_0111

This is the WOW suite. Unfortunately the EWOW suite was full so we were unable to have a look, however their WOW suite is HUGE! and features some of the gorgeous Hotel Washington chandeliers.. the WOW suite also includes;

  • Virtual Fireplace
  • Spectacular Views of Landmark Monuments
  • Spacious Living Room
  • Marble-Topped Bath Tub
  • Dining Room with Sofa
  • Double Vanity in Bathroom
  • Signature W Cocktail Caddy (Charge)
  • Two Flat Screen TVs – 37″ in Bedroom & 46″ in Living Room
  • Slippers
  • Dining Table Seats 4

Following our bedroom tour we were taken up to the roof level which houses the amazing POV bar. The POV overlooks the White House and the rest of Washington and it was a sunny day so the view was even more breath taking. Attached to the POV bar there is another bar/event space that they open on weekends. It is such a nice open space perfect for a private party or corporate event and seeing it empty you could really imagine how it fills on a weekend.

IMG_0123Following our show around we were kindly invited to enjoy a cocktail and some lunch at the POV bar, here’s what we…drank, and some amazing views of Washington.

IMG_0121 IMG_0132 IMG_0118 IMG_0144

Thank you to the W Washington DC for having us! It was such a great day and we loved looking around your stunning hotel.

For any enquiries about the W Washington DC or any other W Hotel call or email your account manager or the office on (+44) 01562 883 254.