Firmdale’s newest edition



When Firmdale Hotels invited us over to check out their newest hotel in Soho, we were there in a shot! 

We adore everything about Firmdale as a brand, and the more we discover the more endearing they become. The fact that one of the brand owners was onsite just before launch (June 2014) hanging curtains and personally placing art is just slightly brilliant! Not to mention that she designed all of the wallpaper herself and also has her own toiletry range used in all of the rooms. Very inspiring indeed.

As we walked into the hotel we were greeted by the usual friendly, helpful staff and were directed straight through to the library to await our host.

photo 6

The Library in itself is enough to keep anyone entertained for quite a substantial period of time. The room is filled with interesting pieces of art and design, not to mention the fully functioning guest library (no it’s not just for show!) with pretty much any classic title that you could wish to read.

One thing I must share is this.. a solar powered model of her majesty herself giving her general public a wave! So ridiculously cute.

photo 11

Ok so on to the hotel tour, we were lead straight through to the lift, even the lifts in Firmdale hotels are interesting.. there is always some gorgeous art or an amusing poster to keep you occupied whilst climbing floors.

We were taken into one of their Junior Suites featuring one of Firmdale’s usual huge, high beds and incredibly stylish beds, seriously, I think we could have had a little nap right there… and probably not woken up for quite sometime. The junior suites also feature beautiful lounge areas, floor to celling factory style windows, spacious luxury bathrooms and top of the range technology including a TV that looks so fabulous it makes you kind of scared to turn it on.

photo 5

From there we were taken over to a “Superior Room” which is Firmdale’s most basic room, As expected their Superior Room is anything but basic. Again the Superior Rooms feature huge beds, individual design and top of the range technology. They are also pretty spacious!

photo 3

After our room inspection we made our way to their Event Space, wait, don’t switch off now, we aren’t talking Meeting rooms! We are talking PRIVATE BOWLING ALLEYS, CINEMA SCREENS AND BARS. Yeah, the kind of spaces that make you want to book a party just because.

photo 7

This is their private bar that can be hired for exclusive events, product launches and in conjunction with their private event space to the rear of the bar.


photo 2


Just above the bar is their private screening room which can be used as a cinema, somewhere to stage presentations, or as it features a stage at the bottom it also makes a great live music venue!

photo 10 photo 9 photo 8

This is the infamous private bowling alley! It includes 100% vintage bowling shoe collection (in fluorescent colours!). Featuring Four fully functioning lanes, private bar, baby grand piano, private dance floor, and… full interactive Karaoke machine… Which may be a nightmare for some, but after a few Ham Yard cocktails, i’m pretty sure you won’t be saying no.


The hotel also features a fully functioning gym with all the latest gym equipment. They also have an underground Spa! The hotel is so new that when we went to the opening the Spa wasn’t ready for pictures, as it hadn’t been officially launched. However, we’ve seen it and we must say it’s tranquil, spacious and has plenty of treatment rooms! A rarity in London hotels. Staff are also on hand to offer in-room services.

photo 13

Then we were on to their restaurant that offers a list of high quality fine dining options, as well as a bar and bar area if you are in the mood for casual dining.  Firmdale make it clear that they want anyone to be able to walk into their establishment and feel comfortable in their surroundings. Their constant effort to cater for everyone really does not go unnoticed.

photo 12

photo 4

Lastly, our trip lead us to the gorgeous Orangerie to enjoy a cocktail, this one is “Berry Smash” which includes Tanqueray, lemon, dark berries, honey and ginger syrup, mint and cranberry and tastes like.. what a juice diet would taste like, if they were nice.. and very alcoholic.

Besides it’s impressive array of juicy cocktails the orangerie also offers a classic Afternoon Tea, and tapas, including delicious sliders (We had the chorizo and quails egg and Pulled pork).

So on a perfect note, we’ve come to the end of our tour of The Ham Yard Hotel, Soho, part of the Firmdale Hotel Group. We also work with all of their hotels so give us a call regarding any of their other properties.

Thanks for reading!

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